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Charlotte New Homes
Live happily in energy, efficient, eco-friendly homes.
We all live on planet earth, so we all need to do our part to keep it healthy for generations to come. That’s why Taylor Morrison is proud and excited to introduce our new ecosensitive building program - elem3nts.
Our homes in Charlotte have many energy saving features. Here are a few of the most important ones that will help save you money
  • 1RADIANT BARRIER The radiant barrier effectively stops radiant heat from entering your attic, keeping it cooler in the summer and lowering energy costs.
  • 2HIGH-PERFORMANCE WINDOWS Double panes and low e-coatings improve comfort and reduce energy consumption.
  • 3HIGH-EFFICIENCY HVAC Correctly sized HVAC equipment means ideal comfort and no wasted energy.
  • 4PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATS Dial down heat or AC automatically for times when you're out, reducing energy consumption.
  • 5HEALTHY HARDWOOD FLOORING By eliminating harmful adhesives and improving indoor air quality, Mohawk flooring is Healthy Home Certified, meets strict U.S. Guidelines and has earned numerous third-party health and sustainability certifications.
  • 6TIGHT DUCTS Each home receives a third-party inspection and duct blower test to confirm that the tight ducts keep air from escaping—and keep pollutants from sneaking in.
    Each home receives a third-party inspection and blower test to confirm that the foundation, walls and roof work together to seal your home and minimize energy loss.
    • 8EFFICIENT INSULATION Professionally installed, blown-in insulation in the attic ensures energy savings for years to come.
    • 9EFFICIENT LIGHTING At least 80% of your lighting will use efficient, long-lasting compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs).
    • 10ENERGY STAR® APPLIANCES Built-in efficiency functions allow appliances to reduce energy costs without sacrificing features.
    • 11WATER CONSERVATION All Moen plumbing fixtures are a part of the WaterSense® program, sponsored by the EPA to promote water efficiency.
    • 123RD PARTY VERIFIED Outside inspectors check every house to hold us to our high efficiency standards.
      Mohawk carpets are Healthy Home Certified and provide beautiful, healthy choices that utilize recycled content and special renewably sourced fibers that require less energy to manufacture and reduce CO2 emissions.
      Stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and dry all year round with Dupont Tyveck® HomeWrap®. It keeps air and water out while letting water vapor escape to help prevent mold, improve building durability and can even reduce home energy bills.