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Build Your Home

Q: I was recently at your Design Studio, and noticed I could get better prices on some of the same items at a home improvement store. Why is this?  A: Actually, the perception that you get better prices at a home improvement store is false. Unlike with traditional retail stores, the price you pay at the Design Studio includes:

  • Delivery/installation in time for move in
  • Warranty on every installed item
  • Cost rolled in to your home mortgage
  • Sales tax-free purchase of items
  • Expert design advice/consultation

Q: What choices do I have in my home design?  A: Most Taylor Morrison homes have many options from which you can choose. In addition to these, you can further personalize your home by selecting your finishing options with the help of the professional designers at our Design Studio.

Q: What types of materials will be used in building my home?  A: Taylor Morrison has developed both national and regional relationships with leading trade partners to ensure that quality products will be used in building your home.

Q: I'm not an interior designer - how can I be sure the home options I select will work well together?  A: The design professionals at the Taylor Morrison's Design Studio will provide you with as much - or as little - design advice as you like. Because they are familiar with the home plans offered by Taylor Morrison, and of the options available, they can provide you with valuable insight during the selection of your home options.

Q: I've reviewed my building schedule, and I'll need to move out of my old location before my new home will be ready. What do I do?  A: Your moving company can provide you with storage options for your goods for as long as you require. In addition, each Taylor Morrison city has temporary housing options available for just this situation. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce or online to find the appropriate temporary housing solution for you.

Q: Can I store any personal items and belongings temporarily while moving?  A: Most moving companies offer temporary storage for a fee. If you’re not able to move into your new Taylor Morrison home immediately, contact a local mover for more information.