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Preparing To Buy


Informed homebuyers are strong home buyers! Make sure you understand all the mortgage options available for your home, how long it will take for your home to be built, and what your choices are for things like landscaping and design upgrades in your home.

After you decide on a new home, you may spend time picking out everything from flooring to kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures to door hardware, so ask questions and learn what options are available.
Being informed extends to your mortgage options as well. Whether you know what type of mortgage you want or not, take the time to jot down your questions about the different mortgages that might be available, what you have to do to qualify, and what the mortgage process will cost before meeting with your loan consultant. Be sure the lender spends enough time with you to answer all of your questions.
When applying for a loan, it's always best to meet face-to-face with a loan consultant. Online loan applications can speed up the process but they should never replace an in-person meeting, where you're able to make sure all of your questions and expectations are addressed.
Let Taylor Morrison Home Funding assist you in completing a pre-application so you can have a better idea of how much you can afford. Go to Taylor Morrison Home Funding today to learn more about the entire mortgage process!

Successfully completing the process requires documentation of your income, assets and employment history. You'll need bank statements, pay stubs, etc., so be prepared to provide them at your mortgage appointment.

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