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Selling My Home


When it comes time to sell your home, you have a multitude of choices to make. Do you use a REALTOR®? Do you sell the home yourself? What is the market like in your area today? How will you price your home and what can you do to make the home more attractive to potential buyers? They are all very personal questions and no home builder or seller should force you into making a choice.

There are pros and cons to all sides of this topic. If you utilize a REALTOR®, you will have a professional who understands the local market, who can advise you on comparable homes in the area and who can offer pricing suggestions to help your home look attractive to buyers. There is usually a commission paid to the REALTOR® once the house has sold and closed. If you are looking to save as much money as possible, you can choose to sell your house on your own. That will require you to deal directly with anyone interested in viewing your home, wanting to ask questions, negotiate price and all aspects of the sale and closing of the home. Many people have sold their home on their own, but it's a trade off and only you can decide what is best.
You may be in a position where you can hold onto your current home and do not need to sell it right away. Or you can rent out your current home once you move into your new home. There are many options out there for home sellers to utilize. Regardless of the way you decide to handle your current home be sure to inform the sales associate so they can assist you in the most beneficial way possible.
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