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The Right Time To Move 

When exactly is the right time to move? First off, location is everything. You want to find a home that is convenient to work, school, shopping, friends & family and the other things you consider important in life. It's common sense, the longer the distance to work, the longer the commute will be. That tradeoff may be acceptable if you find the exact house you want with the "view" or the "space" you are looking to enjoy. The market is constantly changing. Every day, homes become available for purchase and others are sold. One thing to keep in mind is a home, whether new construction, resale or foreclosure, can be put under contract very quickly. That means, you could walk into a home and love the layout, design, appliances, etc. and then decide to think about it over the weekend. When you come back, the house may have been sold. Be sure to take the right amount of time to consider this major purchase. But do not wait too long or that dream home may become someone else's dream home.

It makes sense to move when interest rates are low and the savings from those low rates can help you afford that exact home you are looking to purchase. Finding the right home for you is the most important step in the home buying process. Choosing the right lender is also very important. In order to take advantage of the low rates, you can check with a number of lenders and find the person who you feel most comfortable with. To earn your business, they should all be working near the same interest rate. But what it really comes down to is customer service. Ask friends and family for recommendations. If they had a good experience with the lender, then you will hopefully have the same experience. Do not forget about the builder's lender. In the case of Taylor Morrison, that is Taylor Morrison Home Funding. When using the builder's lender, you can often take advantage of other offers or discounts that may not be available if you choose an outside lender. The builder's lender often work with your sales associate and have one on one relationships with them. So you should expect faster turn around, more communication and overall a better experience from the entire team.

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