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Building the Foundation
for Stronger Communities

The Taylor Morrison Foundation is dedicated to fighting homelessness in America. As builders, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to the cause by using our industry-honed skills and resources to build and remodel multi-unit shelters. We are proud to partner with HomeAid’s local chapters on building and renovation projects that enable shelter providers to serve more people in need of temporary or transitional housing.

Taylor Morrison team members and the Taylor Morrison Foundation contribute volunteer forces, project leadership, grants and in-kind donations to support HomeAid’s core mission to build new lives for America’s homeless.

Since 1989, HomeAid America has provided critical housing solutions for more than 300,000 individuals and families facing homelessness due to circumstances beyond their control. HomeAid focuses on serving the women, children and families who make up about 80 percent of the total homeless population due to unforeseen events such as job loss, natural disaster, domestic abuse or a medical condition.

We Partner To
Make A Difference

The Taylor Morrison Foundation supports HomeAid America's efforts to build stronger communities by providing shelter and community outreach.

Sheryl D. Palmer, Taylor Morrisons CEO

A Message From Sheryl D. Palmer

Having witnessed HomeAid America’s extraordinary impact throughout my building career, I joined its national board of directors and executive committee in 2017 because I believe in their mission. I believe that the building industry can make a measurable difference in the lives of those who experience homelessness in America. And I believe HomeAid’s model for making that difference is brilliantly effective.

It’s a true honor to now serve as Chairman of the Board of HomeAid America for 2019 and 2020. It is my hope that the next two years bring continued collaboration between builders and community partners, and that we work together toward expanding the strength, reach and impact of that alliance.

I am honored to highlight HomeAid’s crucial work to support shelter housing providers nationwide. It is my vision that as partners in the fight against homelessness, we can build even stronger communities -- in which every person has the opportunity to thrive.


Sheryl D. Palmer
Chairman and CEO, Taylor Morrison Home Corporation
Chairman of the Board, HomeAid America

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