Raleigh Design Studio


What is the Taylor Morrison Design Studio?
Our Raleigh, North Carolina Design Studio is where you’ll go to personalize your new home. With the help of a professional design consultant, you can select the options and upgrades that give your new home a custom finish.
What kinds of options and upgrades are available?
You’ll be able to choose different flooring, paint colors, window coverings, appliances, cabinetry, carpentry finishes such as molding and base boards, plumbing fixtures such as faucets, sinks and showerheads, electrical options such as added recess can lighting and junction boxes for future ceiling installations like fans and chandeliers and low-voltage wiring for digital technology, stair systems and tub enclosures.
How long is a typical Design Studio appointment?
Allow three to four hours for your first appointment. You’ll have a lot of important decisions to make and you don’t want to feel rushed.
Can I just walk in after my first appointment?
To ensure that every homeowner gets a personalized, hands-on experience, Design Studio visits are by appointment only.
How can I best prepare for my Design Studio appointment?
If your plan is one of the model homes, you might want to revisit the model and take notes or photos of things you like. You can also look at the floor plan and think about how you’ll live in each of the rooms. Will you need extra electrical outlets, lighting, surround sound wiring, ceiling fans or other things that will affect your lifestyle?
What do I bring to my appointment?
Please bring a personal check. We do require a deposit for all options selected. Be aware that your deposit is non-refundable.
How much should I budget for?
Everyone’s budget is different. Whatever you decide to spend, your Design Consultant will work within your budget.
Can I finance my options and upgrades?
Yes. Most of the time, your choices can be included in your mortgage.
How long do I have to approve my selections?
All option decisions need to be made at your final design appointment.
Can I bring my children?
You’ll be making a lot of important decisions that will need your undivided attention and it can be difficult for little ones to be patient. It’s best if you can arrange for someone to watch your children during your appointments.